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Aries, the Ram


March 21 - April 20


Aries is a sign of new beginnings, and as an Arian you tend to be a quick thinker and doer, but you are apt to lack patience with those who aren't. You are enthusiastic, full of energy, and always ready to try something new. You like to pick subjects which are "yours" and put your head to work on them down to the tiniest details, but then ignore the finer points of other matters which might be just as important but are not quite your "thing." Because of this you begin many projects and do them well until you lose interest in them; then you just quit. And (there's no nice way to say this) you can be a bit of a slob.

On the upside, you are willing to make sacrifices, sometimes major ones, in order to help yourself or others. For example, you wouldn't mind if members of the family had to shack up with you for a while so long as they didn't infringe too much on your life and private time.

You are usually decisive and competitive at work, but you lack motivation in domestic activities. This sometimes leads to the sacrifice of a relationship so that you might further your career. To give you a bit of credit, though, you are very faithful once you do fall in love, but before that, your lovers had better watch out - Arians often have a high sex drive that leads them in experimental directions.

While you do make a good friend, you can be impatient and have a nasty temper. These traits sometimes lead you to be aggressive and direct, a bit more so than many people can take. When you are in a good mood, though, you are one of the more cheerful, spontaneous, and generous people in your circle of friends.

Every now and again you feel the need to prove yourself, and this can lead you to be a bit impulsive or maybe even forceful in trying to make your point. For some reason, you can't quite accept criticism, even if it is constructive; but when you feel you've failed at something it doesn't set you back. Instead, it spurs you on, and you'll do anything to prove you're the best.

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