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Aquarius, the Water-bearer


January 20 - February 18


Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and freedom, and honesty and sincerity are important to those born under it. As an Aquarian, unjustified conventions do not impress you, and you sometimes make a point of being different, most likely in subtle ways.

In relationships you might just attach yourself to your first love, and have problems letting go should the relationship turn sour. While you are involved with a partner, you are constant and faithful, but don't let this steadiness fool you: you are highly sexed and like an active sex life. This might not run the usual course, either, as you like to try new things in bed.

You derive your comfort from the company of others. As a friend, few can boast to be as loyal and sympathetic as you are, but you can be blind to your own needs sometimes. And although you are easy to befriend, you can be difficult to get to know. Despite this, you love meeting new people and making new friends, and as a result, you are rarely lonely. Most people see you as a bit eccentric, rather determined, and very stubborn. You are far more intellectual than physical, and you tend to relate to people on a mental level. However, no one should doubt how important your friendships are to you.

Even though you love natural beauties, you can crave material belongings, though you are by no means greedy. You take work very seriously since it is your source of income for these goodies and, because of your enjoyment of people, you work best as part of a group. Though you present a calm exterior to the world, this is often deceptive, as you are frequently anxious and apprehensive because of the seriousness with which you view your relationships with others.

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