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Taurus, the Bull


April 21 - May 20


People who are born under the sign of Taurus are usually practical and persistent, solid and reliable, but sometimes a bit stubborn. As a Taurean, you are very sensible when it comes to your job and money, but your overriding motivation in all things is a need for security. You can be artistically inclined, and have an appreciation of beauty and luxury.

Sometimes you can be a bit arrogant about your work, and you like to work at your own pace. There tends to be a focus on material acquisitions in your life, and the only reason you work is for the money it provides to allow you to "get more stuff." You crave comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure; all of which you feel can be had with money. Your strong desire for emotional and material security leads you to work hard to get what you need.

You are very serious and loyal once in a relationship, and you tend to be very sensual and patient, which generally makes for great lovers. However, after the novelty of a new love wears off, there's a danger of becoming a couch potato.

For some reason, you like not only to become involved with, but also overburdened by, others' problems. Because of this involvement, you sometimes feel that a friendship is a property, and you often get very possessive and jealous.

You are usually successful at any venture which you put effort into, whether it be personal or professional. You strive for spirituality through practical works, and sometimes this shows through your materialism. With anything you do, you are very responsible, but most importantly, you are smarter than people think.

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