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Gemini, the Twins


May 21 - June 21


As a Gemini you usually think and act swiftly, and are always on your toes. Chatty and sociable, sometimes with a tendency to gossip, you are likely to be highly imaginative with a mind that is constantly seeking new information and craving new experiences. You love to study anything and everything that crosses your path. Because of this intense love of knowledge, if you are undereducated, or badly so, you might feel miserable and make those around you feel the same.

When your are intellectually satisfied, you can be refined and charming. However, you are not happy if things do not go your way. Everything has a place in your world, and if anything is misplaced, everyone around you suffers. As a Gemini, you are likely to find that when an emergency arises, you are cool and calm, unlike those who will panic around you. In these types of situations, you are able not only to develop solutions or plans of action, but good ones at that.

Geminis see money as a means of power and freedom. This is not to say that you are greedy, though. You simply like to be secure, and money allows this. Work is important to you in that it helps provide this security and gives you something to do. If you can't work, it causes you to feel unsettled and restless. However, you're not always reliable on the job. You only complete a task if you're truly interested, otherwise you tend to go in search of more fulfilling projects.

As something of a non-conformist, you can be very individualistic and creative. You can be witty, sociable and courteous, and enjoy being well known and liked, but you're not willing to change yourself in order to have this satisfaction. You dislike being tied down in any way, be it in a friendship or a relationship, and sometimes seek out changes if you start to feel trapped.

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