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Virgo, the Virgin


August 23 - September 22


Virgos are perfectionists and work hard in any area of life to achieve things that they can feel proud of. Cautious, self-reliant and discriminating, Virgos find it difficult to seek help from others, as few match up to their standards of perfection.

As a Virgo, you are most likely bright, intelligent and pick up on everything going on around you. You like to have something to do to occupy your time rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs, but you don't like to take on too much at once, either. The projects you do invest time in, however, are always done well because you are exceedingly organized and love to get everything just right. You pay intense attention to details, and because of your perfectionism you appreciate the hard work of others, especially when it is of high quality. When you're not working, you like to go out in search of new things to explore and learn about.

Personally, though, you can be wearing. You like things done your own way, and you can be nit-picky about even the smallest aspects of a given situation. Your friends, though they find you to be a loyal and trustworthy person, find this habit incredibly annoying. At first they thought you were shy, but when the ice was broken - boy! Although you're a good friend who will help others until your back breaks, you often neglect your own needs. As close as you are to some of your friends, you aren't very "huggy" and don't like a whole lot of personal contact. You may search for a long time to find a partner of whom you can approve, and quite a number of Virgos never find anyone who meets their exacting standards.

At home, you tend to be authoritative, but not in a constricting way. Most Virgos make exceptionally good heads of house. However, the biggest downfall that you might have as a Virgo is your inability to save money - you may need to work hard to curb your expenditure.

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