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Libra, the Scales


September 23 - October 22


Librans have a powerful sense of fair play and justice, and are always keen to cooperate with others on an equal basis. Having said this, in group endeavors they usually find a way to work in some form of self-expression that marks the job as 'their work,' much as a dog marks 'his tree.'

Life is a continual balancing act for Librans, and you may find yourself bouncing back and forth between flirtatiousness and shyness, desiring relationships yet demanding space, and always wanting to initiate activities but never bothering to finish them without a good hard push from someone else.

Librans are desperate for the approval of others, and you may find yourself constantly trying to please friends and colleagues. When working with others, you demand that they put in as much effort as you do, and if they don't, you slack off too. You are willing to work selflessly for others, but you must guard against being used.

When you argue, you leave nothing unsaid, regardless of the consequences of your words. On the other hand, when others fight, you are always called upon as the mediator. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and are a natural peacemaker.

You crave new knowledge, and have a particular interest in matters concerning other people and society as a whole. Relationships are very important to you, but you may find yourself looking for new experiences here, too. This could lead to a bit of sexual experimentation on your part, which in turn might lead to unfaithfulness.

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