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Scorpio, the Scorpion


October 23 - November 21


Scorpio is the sign of powerful emotional desire, and Scorpios are generally strong and willful. As a Scorpio, you like to be in control and can be very serious a lot of the time. Whatever you involve yourself in tends to be of serious consequence: you rarely take matters lightly. As a classic example of a perfectionist, you stick with a situation not only until it is done but also until it is done just right.

Chances are, you are a defender of just causes, and so you would probably be happiest in a job that allowed you to improve the status quo in some way. You do not show any of your weaknesses, and dislike them in others. In order to right this in your mind, you fight desperately to strengthen a situation rather than leaving it to others for a solution to be found. You posses a very strong will and usually do whatever you want, even if it means being a bit nasty or undiplomatic at times. With this in mind, you can be manipulative, but instead of taking the heat for whatever you do that goes sour, you run and make others suffer for you.

Despite these sometimes negative tendencies, you are generally a loyal and honest person. When people see you, they see someone very strong and confident, though some Scorpios tend to bury their insecurities rather than confront them, and become introverted as a result. Many Scorpios have penetrating eyes, and although people may want to dislike you, your personality is such that it draws people in whether they want to be or not. Your friends find you a bit secretive and shocking sometimes, and you like them to think that you are a dangerous person who is willing to take risks, but you're most likely not. You have a well-developed intuition that leads you to be rightfully suspicious some of the time.

In order to be happy with your partner, he or she must be someone whom you can respect. In relationships, you like your new partners to think of you as sexy and having a high sex drive, though you tend not to be very amorous. However, when sex does enter the picture, your emotions can get a bit out of control, and your desire can cause you to become possessive, jealous, and sometimes violent.

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