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Sagittarius, the Archer


November 22 - December 21


Sagittarians are the honest and straightforward members of the zodiac. As a Sagittarius, you are spontaneous, outgoing, adventurous, and adaptable to any circumstance. You have a tendency to create excitement wherever you go, and enjoy exploring new ideas, cultures and beliefs, and meeting new people in your excursions to new places. You may be a lover of nature and the great outdoors and enjoy exploring your surroundings. Out of this may grow a preference for animals rather than humans.

A need for personal freedom and a desire to be a leader also stem from your determined personality. Knowing this, your job is something that you must enjoy and have a bit of leverage with or else you won't do it. At work, you like to be given responsibility, and when you're working hard at a project you enjoy your job. However, when given a menial task to do, your attention can stray. You are likely to live in, or end up living in, a spacious, well-decorate home that contains all of your acquisitions. The size of their living quarters is in direct relation to the fact that in order for Sagittarians to be happy, they must have their own, personal space.

You take great interest in people and society, and in ethical and spiritual matters. You may tend to be a serious thinker, but you are prone to jumping to conclusions, and the Sagittarian can end up rather narrow-minded if his or her social thinking is not fully developed.

Although you're not quite sure of relationships, when you do find a partner, he or she will most likely be intelligent, undemanding, warm, and funny with a life of his or her own. Overall, the Sagittarian is a person with high standards who is pleasant, friendly, enthusiastic, and easy to get to know.

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