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Quotations from Frieda Harris


I do not think those cards will sell if you include any sort of ritual.

On the Thoth Tarot, letter to Aleister Crowley (January 28, 1940)

I have been haunted all night by your complicated mind.

Letter to Aleister Crowley (Undated)

I will struggle with the Fool. He does writhe about. ... That innocent gaiety asks for the brush of a saint and my lines come out like treacle. I wish I could paint in crystals.

On painting the Fool from the Thoth Tarot, Letter to Aleister Crowley (Undated)

Temperance is a kettle of fish, and listening to Beethoven last night I realized what a fiasco he made when he tried to convey all he knew in the last movement of the 9th and thereby giving up a glimpse of the transformation scene in the Pantomime, instead of the Pure Light of Heaven, having already led us through the many coloured lands.

On painting Temperance from the Thoth Tarot, Letter to Aleister Crowley (Undated)

The spiritual quality of earth: eternally pregnant and containing in its fertility the unwritten cipher of cosmic lore.

On the Princess of Disks from the Thoth Tarot

The trees are encased in ice, I have never seen anything like it, and living and walking, everything ordinary, has assumed a rare and dignified aspect with the elements completely out of control.

Letter to Aleister Crowley (January 28, 1940)

Yoga practices I never seem to advance in. I cannot live more quietly, but even then the business of living takes time.

Letter to Aleister Crowley (January 28, 1940)

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